dimanche 4 mai 2014

Clickable DepWaits and Edos results in pgstatus

A long time ago, Stéphane Glondu implemented an alternative to the Buildd status pages. It was implemented in OCaml and had some unique features. I think that my favorite one was the ability to click on package names appearing in DepWaits.

What you see on the image below is a simple example where the package gnome-shell Dep-Waits on a single package. This prevents buildd daemons to start the job as long as the specific version of the specified package or some new package are available. So, each package name in that field became now clickable and points to its buildd status page.

Similarly to Dep-Waits, results of edos-debcheck, which is used to spot installability issues of build dependencies, are now clickable too.

If you are a porter or if you are tracking down a build issue, I am sure you'll appreciate these two new features. Enjoy! As usual, if you notice some bugs or have some feature requests, please let me know.

3 commentaires:

  1. In my experience, w-b only ever registers *one* package for BD-Uninstallable; once that shows up, another may take its place. (I think this is a limitation of one of the edos-* tools.) Although Dep-Wait can indeed take multiple ones.

    I'd also love an overview pages… BD-Uninstallable blockers by amount of packages blocked, so I can know what to build/fix by hand on m68k…

    1. In fact, w-b doesn't register anything but edos's output. And indeed, edos shows the first broken dependency path it finds. Whenever dose-debcheck gains that missing feature, there will be nothing to change on pgstatus's side (unless the output format changes).

  2. Yay! from a heavy status/ user!