jeudi 20 septembre 2012

Android's Calendar app

Such a basic/important app and such a stupid bug... 3 years and not fixed yet? Seriously? and people claim Android is ready for lambda users?


lundi 2 juillet 2012

Adding useful links on bugreports pages

I'm a heavy user of Debian's Bug Tracking System (especially during this period of the year ;)) and I quite like it. And as a Debian developer, I have to check multiple sources when looking at some source package. Namely, I mainly check the following sources:
All this is great since you can move from the first one to the second one (and vice-versa) just by clicking with your mouse. It becomes less handy when you are looking at any bug report. In fact, the BTS doesn't link back to the previously mentioned services [1]. So, you have to copy/paste the name of the package or start a new tab and write down the address of the desired service. All this is not very nice for a lazy person like me :)

A few days ago, I remembered that I was already using GreaseMonkey and thought : "Hey, it would be nice to hack quickly something using GM to add the missing links". After a few tests, I've come up with a (very simple, yet extremely useful to me) user script that I called Debian BTS extra links [2]. It adds what I've been missing for years. If you are lazy and don't want to install right now, you can check the following pages to see what it adds:
The userscript will add links to PTS, Buildd status pages and Popcon near every pkgreport.cgi?src= link. Simple and useful. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Of course, I've submitted a bug (#679282) against the pseudo package kindly asking its maintainer to add a link to (for now) the PTS. But I know that they are busy so I'm not expecting a result soon. Fow now, my simple and dumb userscript WFM.

[1] This is partly true since it links back to the PTS on main pages (pages that list all bug reports of a given set of packages).

[2] Only tested with a recent Iceweasel (from experimental) and Chromium (from unstable).

P.S.: If you do wonder, #4300 is the least bug number known to the BTS. Well, or at least, the result of running ls -1 /srv/ | sort -h | head -n1 on

dimanche 6 mai 2012

Au revoir président !

La vidéo la plus regardée du moment :

Ça fait plaisir de respirer de l'air frais :)